In-house production

We were busy making more heat shields yesterday. In house production. Ver.II for Webers and Throttle Bodies. For Mikuni (Solex) you will need to use our Ver.I.   We also have an interesting new product in the pipeline. Stay tuned.    

Nostalgic 2 Days

Eiji will be at the Nostalgic 2 Days in Japan next weekend. Logistically we can’t bring a car, so he will be spectating. Eiji won’t be taking any cars to Japan though. A recent view of Battlefield Park in Manassas                    

Online Ordering Info

We have integrated a new cart and checkout system to hopefully make your shopping experience easier.   Should you run into any trouble please reach out to us by emailing and we will work with you to address the issue.

PRI 2014

We are attending the PRI 2014 in Indianapolis to capture the latest & the greatest of the automotive technologies and to incorporate those into our beloved L-engines.

New! Datsun Spirit Big Valves

The new big valves are here. What’s so special about these valves? Who benefits? Allow me to elaborate a bit.       Stock vales To begin, let’s look at the stock valves. Stock L24 valves: IN: 42mm x 116.5, EX: 33mm x 116.5mm  (*the overall Exhaust length is actually 117.5mm, 1mm longer than I just said, but this… Read More »

Please help save Wrestling as an Olympic Sport

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted in secrecy to recommend Wrestling be dropped as an Olympic Sport from the 2020 olympic games. This is not the final verdict and there is still a chance to save Wrestling. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports, widely practiced in great many countries, by men and women, young and old. Not… Read More »

STR 2.8A Dyno Run

A rainy Saturday is a good time to pop indoors and run some numbers on a Dyno. We put our STR 2.8A to the test this morning before doing a motor swap this afternoon. This has been a daily driver for awhile, so it’s been broken in and run hard. 172.6 HP at just past… Read More »

Browser Icon!

Notice that blue and red icon with the “DS” up in your browser? That’s our little way of helping you find your Datsun Spirit bookmark a little easier! And this is our way of testing to make sure our blog works! See? That’s win/win! See you all soon when we go live!

NISMO Uses DSI Project

It was recently brought to our attention that when NISMO went to solicit some reactions from fans on Facebook pertaining to their love of Nissan’s Performance cars back in June, they chose a photo of our Blue ’77 280z to lead the charge. To say we’re flattered is an understatement; what an honor! Thanks NISMO!