Core Engine and Core Charge

As of January 2019, core engine charge for L6 engine is $800.  (Limited availability. Price subject to change). We don’t usually have L4 engines in stock but we do from time to time. We have limited supplies of core engines and we may not always have the exact head/block combination that you desire. Also, we can build other engines as well, but we probably don’t have cores for those, we will most likely require your core engine to build/rebuild.

*The core price is subject to change without notice.

• L20A/L24/L26 engine can only be used as a partial credit for a L28 engine core.
• A core L28 engine may be used for L24/L26 based engine build.
• A core engine must be re-usable. By re-usable we mean the cylinder block must be free of unrepairable damage or irreversible modifications. A dirty, worn out, or blown engine is okay just as long as we can use it as a rebuild core.
• An overheated engine may have a warped cylinder head, and depending on its severity, the head may or may not be used as a core

Core Engine Check List
In order for a full refund on the core engine, it must include:

• Cylinder head assembly (it’s okay if the head is disassembled and in boxes)
• Front timing cover
• Engine bottom end assembly (it’s okay if the bottom end is disassembled)
• Valve cover
• Oil pan & pick up
• Oil pump & oil pump driven shaft

You may send/bring us the whole engine assembly with manifolds and other peripheral parts, or as completely disassembled and pieces in boxes.

Any further questions? Please contact us.