New! EGR Block-off Kit for 280Z/280ZX

Sometimes, all we want to do on a 280Z or 280ZX is to install a header, or to make things a bit cleaner. The biggest obstacle in doing so is usually the EGR…We love to hate this thing. Usually, headers don’t have the EGR hole, so you want to remove the EGR completely, but you can’t really do so unless you have something to block it off with, or to replace your intake manifold with anon-EGR manifold, and transplant everything over, which often means a lot of labor, parts, and downtime, aside from the fact that non-EGR manifold is quite difficult to find nowadays.

So we developed the EGR block-off kit.  Not only does the kit includes everything you need to remove the EGR and to block it off completely, but it also gives your engine bay a fresher & cleaner look.