Mike’s 71 240Z

Mike is the original owner of this resto-modified 1971 240Z, furnished with the Datsun Spirit signature series setup (STD engine + 6 slide valve carburetors + XDI-2 ignition, octopus foot (header) + custom exhaust). More coming soon. Before inquiring about this setup, please read here. MVI_0048  

Datsun Spirit Celebrates 10 year anniversary

Thanks to all, Datsun Spirit celebrated 10 year anniversary on April 16th. We have come a long way… from SU carburetors, triple carburetors, 6 slide valve carburetors, to ITB fuel injection; from a distributor & coil setup to crank trigger direct fire ignition system; from regular oil sump (pan) setup to Dry-sump setup; and more… and we… Read More »

Pumpkin Patch & Shop cars page

We just updated our “Shop Cars page“. Take a look. And here is our latest featured car. His name is Pumpkin Patch. He is our other R&D car. He is a little bit rusty and isn’t like his other friends. But don’t judge the book by its cover. His  transformation is worthy of a look, and it might give the… Read More »

Katie’s Cars & Coffee 8-1-2015

Good times were had at Katie’s Cars & Coffee in Great Falls this morning. We met up in Manassas prior to heading to Katie’s. Eiji’s 73 240Z with Electromotive XDI2 (complete kit available here) Dave from Bergman Autowerks with his 73 Porsche 911 with Electromotive TEC3R fuel injection Uwe from Electromotive in his 72 BMW… Read More »


Quick peek at our shop. 1967.5 Datsun Roadster 1600 all done for the owner to enjoy the ride this summer.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. Spend quality time with your family… and in your garage, get your cars ready for Spring.

Porsche 911 and 240Z G-nose

Work scene picture of our fabrication department on Friday. 240Z is getting a complete, frame-up restoration with the G-nose, next to a 911. We are also making progress on the customer’s 1970 240Z with the engine & Tripple Webers setup.    

Nostalgic 2 Days

Eiji will be at the Nostalgic 2 Days in Japan next weekend. Logistically we can’t bring a car, so he will be spectating. Eiji won’t be taking any cars to Japan though. A recent view of Battlefield Park in Manassas                    

New! Datsun Spirit Big Valves

The new big valves are here. What’s so special about these valves? Who benefits? Allow me to elaborate a bit.       Stock vales To begin, let’s look at the stock valves. Stock L24 valves: IN: 42mm x 116.5, EX: 33mm x 116.5mm  (*the overall Exhaust length is actually 117.5mm, 1mm longer than I just said, but this… Read More »

Restored CV Shafts

Z31 Turbo CV shafts are a fairly common upgrade to our S30s with R200 differentials, yet they require some modification. Most of the CVs you find out there usually require building, and you may not know where to go to get them rebuilt/modified. Send them to us, and we’ll do the proper modifications and rebuild… Read More »