Datsun Spirit Celebrates 10 year anniversary

Thanks to all, Datsun Spirit celebrated 10 year anniversary on April 16th.

10th anniversary

We have come a long way… from SU carburetors, triple carburetors, 6 slide valve carburetors, to ITB fuel injection; from a distributor & coil setup to crank trigger direct fire ignition system; from regular oil sump (pan) setup to Dry-sump setup; and more… and we will continue to design and produce new and better performance and restoration products, improve ways of restoring/modifying Datsun Zs, pursue performance limits of the L-engines, and push the envelope even further.


We appreciate your continued support and encouragements. We couldn’t have done this without you all. We look forward to many more decades of serving the Datsun world.

To that end, we have special limited time offers for the following items:

STD engine 10% off

STR Stage3 engines 10% off (2 available).

STR Stage2 engine 10% off (1 available).

10% off on DSI pistons and rods

The offer is valid if paid in full before Saturday 4/30/2016. Offer is good while supplies last. If interested please contact us.





Teaser: New DSI pistons & Rods (Details coming soon)