Car Location & Exportation

Car Location & Exportation

Are you looking to purchase a Z-car in the US, and get it exported to your country? Then talk to us. We can help you find the right car anywhere in the entire USA, go see the car, negotiate, and purchase it on your behalf, perform maintenance (if necessary), and help export it to your country.

This is a retainer based service, and the process works like the below:

  • Understanding of your needs
  • Search for the exact car you are looking for
  • Go inspect the car in person (at cost)
  • Negotiate and purchase the car
  • Bring the car to our facility, perform necessary maintenance/repair/restoration
  • Prepare paperwork for Export to your country
  • Export

If you are based in Japan, we can even help with the customs and the registration process.

We’re also able to facilitate importing cars from Japan.