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Sell Your Car

Sell that DatsunYou’ve seen bad car advertisements before. Someone selling a diamond in the rough – only they don’t know it. They’re leaving so much money on the table, just because they don’t know what they have – or who wants it. It’s a great place to be if you’re the buyer – but not if you’re the seller.

If you’ve had that Datsun in the garage or the yard for a few years and you don’t quite recall what it has going for it, let us help you figure it out. It ran when you parked it, right? It might not take much to get it running again, and that sure goes a long way for the value of your car when selling it. We’re able to assist with towing as well.

We can help assess what you have, assemble appealing advertisements, target the right audiences, and get you the true value of your classic.

Retainer fee: $500 and up

We buy your Datsuns

We are interested in buying your Datsun Z that’s been sitting in your garage or on your driveway forever, and you would like it gone. If you are in Virginia, Maryland, or the greater Washington D.C. area, please email us before you call a junkyard to haul it away. We are passionate about Z cars. Perhaps you were once too. We know you’d like to see your car go to good use, or to find a great new home – not crushed. Give us a shout. sales(at)