Solex/Mikuni & Weber

Solex/Mikuni & Weber Carburetors

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Rebuilt Solex CarbsHaving difficulties with your carburetors? Whether Solex (Mikuni) or Weber carbs, we can help. With years of experience rebuilding, tuning, and properly jetting triple carburetor setups for L-Series motors, DSI can help you reach your motor’s full potential. We also sell a range of hard-to-find performance parts available for your triple carburetor setup, from fuel rails to linkages, to help your carburetors look as good as they operate.

If your carburetors have been sitting for awhile, they might need to be rebuilt.  With so many parts per carb, this is no small feat for the unaccustomed. Trust us to rebuild your Solex/Weber carbs.  By request, we can zinc plate all of the metal brackets/nuts/bolts/covers to make them look like new, or replace them with new genuine parts. We also sell Solex (Mikuni) OEM and performance parts, and we occasionally have rebuilt Solex carburetors in stock. We can assemble a complete Solex carburetor setup to suit your needs.

Solex (Mikuni) 40/44/50, OER 45/47/50 or Weber 40/45/48/50 carburetor rebuild: $275 base price (per carburetor) + Parts.

CAUTION: Some people and shops may suggest sandblasting your Solex carburetor bodies.  It’s a disaster waiting to happen.  Sand particles tends to get stuck in small holes or fuel/air channels, and the soft carbeuretor body will be as useful as a paperweight when they’re done. We take completly disassemble the carburetors and chemically clean them, so you get your carburetors back looking and performing like they should.