Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a shop?
What kind of services do you perform?
What does the engine include?
Engine core and core charge
How long until delivery?
Can I ship my car to Datsun Spirit to get work done?
Can you just sell me a completed car or can you build me a complete car?
Differences in STR, STD and SPL Engines?
What carburetors? Fuel injection?
How do I order? 
DSI Shop cars

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Do you have a shop?

Yes, our shop is located in Manassas, VA. Please note that the address listed on the website is our mailing address only and is different from the shop address. If you are interested in visiting the shop or in meeting us in person to discuss your parts/restoration/modification needs, please contact us first and make an appointment for a visit, so that we can spend time and give you the attention you deserve.

What kind of services do you perform?

Parts sales
General maintenance, repair, upgrade
Complete car sales
Importing & Exporting
Engineering services
Performance build,
tuning (carburetors, fuel injection)
Pre-purchase inspection
Annual inspection/once-over
Car buying assistance
And more

What does your engine package include?

Our engine price listed is just for a bare engine, and the peripheral parts are not included but are sold separately. So basically, our engines are sold just like how car batteries are sold—there is a core charge, and installation is not included (but we are happy to install/setup). Our engine comes all assembled, with valve cover, oil pan, and regular oil pump. Water pump, crank pulley, manifold studs, engine brackets, carburetors, exhaust, ignition, and all other peripheral parts are offered as optional.

Engine core and core charge

To build an engine, we require a core engine. You may bring/send us your core engine. Alternatively, you may purchase a core engine from us.

3 ways to do this:

1. You can send/bring us your core engine first, and we will send you the new engine once it is built. It is not as hard or expensive to ship the engine to us as you may think. We can arrange the freight truck to come pick it up from your house/work, or you can drop it off at the freighter’s shipping dock.

2. You can pre-pay the core charge, and we will send you your new engine. When you received the new engine, use the same crate to send your core engine back to us for a refund.

3. Buy a core engine from us. We have a limited supply, and  we do not always have your desired head/block combination.

How long would a typical engine build take?

For Stage-I, II, and III, we try to have at least one of each in our inventory, so they may be available immediately. Otherwise, it generally takes approximately 2months to build an STR engine from start to finish. For STD and SPL engines it takes a bit longer. A 50% of the estimated total is due to kick off the project, and the remainder will be due at the time of completion.

Can I ship my car to Datsun Spirit to get the work done?

Sure thing. We have customers ship us their cars from all over the US: From California to New York. Why? Because, despite the car transport cost, it makes sense, as we know Zs inside out. Also, having the engine built, installed, and tuned by the same people just makes sense and makes your life a lot easier.

Can I just buy a completed car or Can you build me a complete car?

Sure thing. We are headed that direction anyways.

The differences in STR, STD, and SPL Engines?

STR stands for “STREET”. STR is our entry level engines, for the lack of better words. Within the STR level, there are three different packages available to suit your needs and budget. See here for details.

Stage-I:​​ Higher compression & lightly modified L28. We modify it as much as possible within the realm of stock configuration, so there is not much upgradability left after this. The best way to describe the Stage-I is, for luck of better terms, it is a little punchier version of stock L28 but it is not really a high performance engine. This package may be suited for those who choose to go with SU carbs or stock L28 EFIs.

Stage-II:​ Life gets more interesting with the Stage-II. With our proprietary forged pistons with reduced weight & increased strength, together with the new piston ring and coating technologies, the engine internals spins much smoother and quicker, and therefore more performance and more efficiency. In addition, our pistons can accommodate much bigger lift camshaft, so you can push the envelope far more than you could with the Stage-I. Therefore, in addition to the Stage-II being more performance engine, it also has future upgradability. You can run SU carburetors or stock L28 EFIs with the Stage-II, or you can go with ITB or side draft carburetors for more power.

Stage-III:​ In addition to all of the benefits from the Stage-II, the Stage-III utilizes our proprietary H-beam connecting rods are longer, thus dramatically increasing the rod-to-stroke ratio. The better the rod/stroke ratio, the smoother & faster the engine revs, hence even more performance and efficiency. Furthermore, our rods and pistons in this format are drastically lighter than the OEM pistons & rods, so they rev even quicker and with much less effort. The Stage-III is usually built on an L28 engine, with the displacement of 3.0 liter, but it can also be done on L24/L26 block (displacement will be 2.8liter), like our White Z.

STD stands for “STANDARD”. While STR level engines are entry-level performance engines, our STD is the true performance standard (hence the name), and it is a great package for those who are looking for real performance and great streetability, without breaking the bank.

SPL stands for Special. This is the ultimate Natural Aspirated L-engine setup today. An SPL engine is best done with longer stroke crankshafts, such as billet crankshafts (85mm + stroke), or LD28 crank (83mm). An SPL engine, fitted and tuned with appropriate peripherals, should yield 350+HP (380-400HP) at the rear wheels, not at the crankshaft. If you are looking to win the competition, or break your previous track/strip records, or if you are accustomed to high output & highly responsive engine, this may be for you.

What carburetors? Fuel injection?

Typical suggested carburetors/fuel injection settings for our engine packages:

Stage-I: ​SU carburetors, stock l28 EFI, triple side draft carburetors
Stage-II: ​SU carburetors, stock l28 EFI, triple side draft carburetors, ITB fuel injection setup ​
Stage-III:​ Side draft carburetors, ITB fuel injection setup
STD: ​​​Side draft carburetors or ITB setup
SPL​​​: Side draft carburetors or ITB setup

How do I order?

Please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and to get you started.

DSI Shop Cars

1973 Orange Z​​. SPL engine, 6 slide valve carburetors, etc. 240ZG style.
1977 Blue Metalic Z.​ STD engine. 240ZG style
1973 White Z. ​​Stage-III + engine, SOLEX, Electromotive XDI-2 ignition, and more. Our R&D car.
1977 Pumpkin Patch. ​ITB fully sequential fuel injection with stand alone programmable ECU
1983 280ZX. Stage-I engine + Stock L28 EFI. Original paint, low mileage
1979 Datsun 620​. 2.2 liter L20B + dual Weber DCOE40s. ​​