Frequently Asked Questions

Questions still not answered?  Contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Do you have a shop?

Yes, our shop is located in Manassas, VA. Shop visit is by appointment only. Please note that the address listed on the website is our mailing address only and is different from the shop address. If you are interested in visiting the shop or in meeting us in person to discuss your parts/restoration/modification needs, please contact us first and make an appointment for a visit, so that we can spend time and give you the attention you deserve.

What kind of services do you perform?

Parts sales
General maintenance, repair, upgrade
Importing & Exporting
Engineering services
Performance build,
tuning (carburetors, fuel injection)
Pre-purchase inspection
Annual inspection/once-over
Car buying assistance
And more

What does your engine package include?

Our engine price listed is just for a bare engine, and the peripheral parts are not included but are sold separately. Core charge core charge, and installation is not included in the engine prices (but we are happy to install/setup). Our engine comes all assembled, with valve cover, oil pan, and regular oil pump. Water pump, crank pulley, manifold studs, engine brackets, carburetors, exhaust, ignition, and all other peripheral parts are offered as optional.

Engine core and core charge

To build an engine, we require a core engine. You may bring/send us your core engine. Alternatively, you may purchase a core engine from us (extremely limited availability)

Can I ship my car to Datsun Spirit to get the work done?

Sure thing. We have customers ship us their cars from all over the US: From California to New York. Why? Because, despite the car transport cost, it makes sense, as we know Zs inside out. Also, having the engine built, installed, and tuned by the same people just makes sense and makes your life a lot easier.