Katie’s Cars & Coffee 8-1-2015

Good times were had at Katie’s Cars & Coffee in Great Falls this morning.

We met up in Manassas prior to heading to Katie’s.


Eiji’s 73 240Z with Electromotive XDI2 (complete kit available here)

Dave from Bergman Autowerks with his 73 Porsche 911 with Electromotive TEC3R fuel injection

Uwe from Electromotive in his 72 BMW 2002



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A clean 78 280Z owned by a local guy. A clean 510 wagon, and bunch of Porsches, BWMs, etc.


Dave’s Engine with Electromotive TEC3R.


Datsun Spirit shop car with the Stage-3+ engine, Solex carburetors, Electromotive XDI2.

Details on the White Z will be published very soon. Stay tuned.