Engine Works

Why L-Series Engines

L-Series engines are the heart of Datsuns. L-engines are the simplest, most durable, and highest performing mass produced engines in the history of Nissan Motor Company. But that’s only a part of it. These engines have so much hidden potential inside, and with some craftsmanship injected into the build and parts, we can get Formula-1 power and feel from these L-engines. The super quick throttle response, the high pitched exhaust note, the vibration, the power… This is what keeps us up at night.  They’re the posters we had hanging in our high-school lockers.  They’re the meth to our addict, and we here at DSI can’t resist.
L-series engines are not just about performance. Durability reigns supreme. Many of you have seen Z-cars – or many other L-engine Datsuns - with 300,000 or 400,000+ miles and still going strong. These engines are no more complicated than necessary. It’s truly a splendid design.

In Japan, L-engines were the biggest, baddest engines out there

Everyone and their brother raced with L-engines. The knowledge gained from decades of trials and errors, combined with the craftsmanship passed on generation after generation for over 40 years results in today’s Natural Aspirated, 3.0+ liter L-engines breaking the 400HP mark! Truly the result of craftsmanship, determination, and spirit. This is why we love L-engines. The spirit of Datsun and the spirit of Japan lives on in our L-engines! Whether a stock L24, an L28 rebuild, slightly modified street setup, or more serious race engine build, we can certainly help you accomplish your objectives.


Crating & Shipping
DSI crates and ships engines per customers requests, either to local freight hubs to save cost or directly to your door. Experience with shipping makes California look like it's right out our back door.
The baseline prices of engine packages do not include the core engine charge. Customers can provide us with a core engine (preferred), or they can purchase one from our inventory as long as supplies are available.