Direct Fire Ignition System, Electromotive XDI200

$1,740.00 $1,640.00


XDI-2 has been transitioned over to XDI200 and thus XDI2 is no longer available.

XDI200 all of the features XDI2 has plus more Input & Output capabilities, thus and allowing users to go a step or two further in carburetor tuning than you ever could before with XDI1 or XDI2.

Datsun Spirit highly recommends XDI-200.


XDI200 kit consists of the following:

  • XDI200 system (comes with 6feet harness. 12 feet available)                                                                                          $899
  • Plug wires                                                                                                                                $125
  • 7.25” Trigger Wheel (to be used with ATI Harmonic Damper)                                                $99
  • ½” Magnetic sensor                                                                                                                 $90
  • DSI Original L-engine specific Magnetic Sensor Bracket (works onL4 and L6)                      $99
  • DSI original Coil pack (DFU) bracket                                                                                       $99
  • Total kit price:                                                                                                                          $1740 Sale:$1640

This kit does not come with a tuning file. We offer tuning services separately.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs