DSI 50mm ITB setup




Datsun Spirit, Inc, in collaboration with Jenvey Dynamics, developed the best ITB manifold for Datsun L-engines, and we at Datsun Spirit perfected its application. Jenvey is synonyms for the best throttle bodies in the world. The manifold is feather light and the casting is extremely beautiful.

We not only helped Jenvey design the manifold setup, but also conducted countless hours of R&D and prototyping to refine and perfect the setup, as well as actual application and the tuning.

This kit features big port setup (40mm for the cylinder head side, and 50mm for the ITB side), perfectly matching to our Stage-4 and Stage-5 engines. The kit also features provisions for up to 10 vacuum ports, and the manifold is intentionally tipped up, such that when installed in the car, they give intimidating and awesome look. Also, because it is tipped up and away from the header, this setup is more heat resistant than any other setups.

Through the extensive R&D of this setup, we have come up with other optional items, such as the heat shield, MAP sensor and balance tube setup–which are hidden under the heat shield to improve cosmetic appeal, while maintaining full functionality. We also came up with a throttle wire & bracket setup that works well for LHD cars. For RHD cars, we have a different setup available as well.

**Datsun Spirit, Inc. has the base setup as well as the comprehensive kit

The base kit consists of:

* 50mm Throttle bodies
* Manifold
* Linkages
* Fuel rails (barb fittings)
* Air horns (50mm x 36mm length, Aluminium)

In addition to the base kit, the comprehensive kit includes:

* DSI Big port manifold gasket (perfect match to this manifold as well as to the DSI Stage-4 & Stage-5 engines)
* Throttle Position Sensor
* Fuel rail upgrade – AN 6 fittings on the ends
* Fuel Injectors – data matched. The best fuel injectors in the market. 445cc default size. (525cc or  larger available)
* DSI ITB Heat shield Ver.III
* DSI special stainless TIG welded steel balance tube, AN fittings & braided hoses
* MAP sensor & mounting bolts
* Throttle cable bracket



The balance tube setup allows the most efficient use of MAP sensor and thus allows you to do the most reliable speed density tuning. TPS tuning (Alpha-N mode) is not a very effective tuning method, especially for street.

This ITB kit was designed and developed by Eiji at Datsun Spirit, Inc. with the help from Jenvey engineers, specifically to go with our Stage-4 (or Stage-5) engines. This kit is not suited for a stock engine, the Stage-1, the Stage-2, or the Stage-3 engines (modification will be necessary).

We standardized this setup on the TEC-gt200 as the Engine Management System, and perfected this setup. If you want to take the complication out of the equation, we highly recommend getting the ITB kit along with the TEC-gt200 kit and subscribe to our tuning support service.

The kit will come unassembled. If you want us to assemble the kit, we are happy to provide that service.

*Our shipping calculator does not work well for International customers, so we will email you the correct shipping cost.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Basic kit, DSI kit

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