Swirl Polished 44mm, 35mm (L28 size) Valves



These valves have undercut stem and are fully swirl polished. These are great for street performance upgrade and light/moderate performance heads. These are the standard N42/N47 size valves (44mm/35mm). Perfect for use in L24 heads, P79/P90 heads, or N42/N47 heads. If you are using these valves in P79/P90, check out our complete P79/P90 valve train upgrade kit.

For those who run high-lift cams, will want to use our DSI Big Valves instead, so that the retainers don’t bottom out. The DSI valves are much bigger & longer (45mm/36.5mm-118.5mm), and much lighter, and come fully nitrated.

Optional items:

Valve stem seals $45 (set of 12)
Valve spring shims $
DSI Performance valve springs & retainers $200
Valve keepers $
cam tower spacers & longer bolts $100 (2.0mm (.080″) or 1.5mm (.060″))
DSI Street Stage-I 274 .480 lift camshaft $340
Rocker arms $466
Lash pads  (specify thickness)
Head gasket

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