Ver. I Heat Shield for Solex (Mikuni)



For a turn-flow engine like our Nissan L-series engines, carburetors sit directly above the exhaust header/manifold. Our heat shield is very effective tool to prevent carburetors from getting hot and vapor locking. The heat shield is made of aluminum, and it comes with zinc-plated brackets and bolts & nuts.

Version I is for Solex (Mikuni). $125

For OER, SK, Webers, and Throttle Body Fuel injection, check out our Ver.II Heat Shield.

*For international customers: Out shipping calculator does not work very well for international shipping. So please email us your inquiries. Thank you.


SOLEX (Mikuni), SK, and OER has mounting provisions on the side of the carburetor, where the bracket will bolt up to. Weber and Throttle Body and other carburetors do not have the mounting provision, so you will need to use our Ver. II heat shield.