SPL Series

You will be absolutely amazed of the super responsiveness and massive torque of the SPL engine setup. The engine feel as well as the performance is simply breathtaking and addictive to say the least. The SPL head has its combustion chambers argon welded then re-shaped into a heart shape, providing the most optimal combustion efficiency possible. Also the ports are opened up to the absolute max. The valves used in the SPL are even bigger than those of the STD and the SPL camshaft ensures the absolute maximum power potential out of every ounce of the SPL engine.

The Ultimate Natural Aspirated L-engine.

The SPL engine goes through similar parts upgrade as well as modifications, but in far more detail. So the end result would be the difference between an Olympian and the Gold medalist, or a national champion and a world champion, etc.

The SPL engine is equipped with our signature SPL head, and the SPL bottom end. It is primarily for race setup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for everyday driving or cruising or etc. The SPL setup is basically the most efficient form of a Naturally Aspirated L-engine, and we strongly believe that a fast engine is an engine that revs and drives very smoothly from low RPM all the way up to 8000+.

Base engine:​​ L28 (N42 head + L28 block)
Block: Special cylinder block modification
Pistons:​​​ DSI Ultimate short profile pistons. 89mm or 89.5mm
Rods:​​​ DSI H-beam rods
Sprocket: Adjustable Cam Sprocket
Crankshaft:​​ LD28 (need core) or Billet crankshaft (85mm, 86mm, and up).
Cam: ​​​DSI SPL cam
Valve train:​​ DSI SPL 46mm/38mm valves, SPL valve springs & retainers
Compression:​​ 12.0 : 1 or similar
HP:​​​ Approximate 115 to 125HP per liter

Base Price: $16000 up. Serious inquiries only

The SPL engine should go with the DSI ITB Fuel Injection setup, Solex 50mm, OER 50mm, Weber DCO 50mm, or DSI Slide Valve carburetors.

FAQ, Engine Cores, and Horsepower
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions about our motors and additional modifications necessary for your new DSI motor. Additionally, please read about sending and obtaining Engine Cores, and our Note on Horsepower for why our stated horsepower figures are guidelines, not quotes.