DSI Engines (Stage-1, Stage-2, Stage-3, Stage-4, Stage-5)

* The engine prices were adjusted effective January 1 2022.

Not only do you get the best L-series engines from Datsun Spirit, but you also get the Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a serial numbered Engine plaque (stage-2 and up) to help retain the value of your investment. Furthermore, you will get the Engine score card (measurement details & engine spec), the Engine manual, and an access to online photo album of your build throughout the course of the build.

The base engine includes obviously the engine, valve cover, oil pan and an oil pump. The base prices do not include intake, exhaust, ignition, electrical, cooling, fuel system, drivetrain, freight cost, installation/removal, core engine fee, or tuning. We offer these parts and services separately.

Engine plaque designations:

Stage-5 (formerly known as SPL): Gold plaque
Stage-4 (formerly known as STD): Silver plaque
Stage-3: Bronze plaque
Stage-2: Black plaque
(Stage-1 & Stock rebuild: No plaques).

Stage-5 (formerly known as SPL package): (Gold plaque)

The ultimate Natural Aspirate engine experience. Unbelievable power and response. You will be absolutely amazed by the super responsiveness and massive torque of the SPL engine setup. The SPL head has its combustion chambers argon welded then re-shaped into a heart shape, providing the most optimal combustion efficiency possible. Also the ports are opened up to the absolute max. A lot more labor intensive than our STD package, and better and more race-oriented parts are used. Best suited for racing application, though it is also streetable. If you like 911 GT-3 and the like, (high compression, ultimate natural aspirated engine), you will definitely like this setup. Turbo cars are fast and powerful, but they don’t give you the sound and the feel of the ultimate natural aspirated engine setup.

Stage-5 Specifications:
Base engine:​​ L28 (N42 head + L28 block)
Block: Special cylinder block modification
Pistons:​​​ DSI Ultimate short profile pistons. 89mm or 89.5mm
Rods:​​​ DSI H-beam rods
Sprocket: Adjustable Cam Sprocket
Crankshaft:​​ LD28 (need core) or Billet crankshaft (85mm, 86mm, and up).
Cam: ​​​DSI Stage-5 cam
Valve train:​​ DSI SPL 46mm/38mm valves, SPL valve springs & retainers
Price: $19000 up. Serious inquiries only. DSI has rights to refuse order. Takes years to build.
Customer MUST provide core engine.

Stage-4 (Formerly know as the STD package): (Silver plaque)

The Stage-4 is the package Datsun Spirit recommends for the most amazing, high-compression, natural aspirated, straight-6 engine experience. 8000RPM (or higher) is a very exciting experience and is the ultimate sports car package. There is simply no other like our Stage-4 engine setup. Only at this level do you begin to really see the full benefit of the DSI engine components and our god hands. The Stage-4 is the DSI standard (hence the old name, STD series), which is far from your traditional standard anything.

Stage-4 Specifications
Base engine:​​ L28 (N42 head + L28 block)
Bore X Stroke:​​ 89mm (or similar) bore x 79mm stroke 3.0 liter setup. (83mm (3.1L) possible). Special cylinder block modifications. DSI Original crankshaft modifications.
Pistons:​​​ DSI ultra light weight pistons
Rods:​​​ DSI H-beam rods
Sprocket: Adjustable Cam Sprocket
Crankshaft:​​ L28 crankshaft modified
Cam: DSI Stage-4 camshaft:
Valve train:​​ DSI Big Valves, DSI valve guides, DSI Stage-4 series valve springs & Retainers, New OEM Rocker Arms
Gasket: DSI Big Port manifold gasket
Performance:​​​ 300hp at the rear wheels. 400hp at crankshaft.

Base Price: $13500. Customer must supply core engine.
*Price may be subject to change without notice.
*The Stage-4 price includes adjustable cam sprocket and rocker arms, that is over $1000 in value.

Stage 3 (Bronze plaque)

Hit the Street and the Track.

Our Stage III is, in concept more like our STD series, except that it does not go so far in details and thus it won’t break your bank. Our Stage III engines adopts the improved rod/stroke ratio theory, and it comes equipped with the Datsun Spirit ultra light pistons and the H-beam rods. These are so much stronger than the stock L28 pistons & rods, feather light compared to even our Stage II setup, and dramatically improved the rod/stroke ratio , thus allowing the engine to spin so effortlessly and super responsive. Everyone knows that translates to improving more performance, more responsiveness, and additional fuel economy. This setup works well with triple carburetors or Datsun Spirit Throttle Body Fuel Injection System. SU carburetors may be used but SUs may not be sufficient to pull the maximum power out of it.

Stage-3 Specifications:

Base Engine:​​ L28 (We can do it on L24 base also)
Bore X Stroke:​​ 89mm bore x 79mm stroke
Pistons:​​​ ​DSI L28 pistons (CH=29mm)
Rods:​​​ DSI H-Beam rods
Crankshaft:​​ L28 crankshaft
Cam: ​​​DSI Stage 3 street cam,
Valve train:​​ DSI Street high performance valve springs & retainers
Compression:​​ 11~11.5: 1​
Performance:​​​ 190-240 rear wheel HP*, over 300HP at crankshaft.
Pump gas (93 octane) ready.

Base price for Stage-3 starting at $7600
*Optional and recommended: New OEM rocker arms:​$772.80 ($64.40ea), Adjustable cam sprocket: $250
*Price may be subject to change without notice.

Stage-2 (Black Plaque)

Life gets more interesting.

The Datsun Spirit high compression pistons allows even higher lift camshaft than that of the Stage I engine, without the valves colliding the pistons. More cam, more power. The difference between the Stage I (stock 280ZX pistons) and the Stage II are quite significant and quite noticeable. The weight difference of the Stage I and the Stage II pistons are significantly lighter, rings are much more efficient in delivering combustion and dissipating heat, thus drastically improving performance, responsiveness, and fuel economy. This setup works well with SU carbs, stock L28 fuel injection system, or triple carbs as well.

Stage-2 Specifications:

Base Engine:​​ L28 (We can do it on L24 base also)
Bore X Stroke:​​ ​87mm bore x 79mm stroke
Pistons:​​​ DSI L28 pistons (CH=38.1mm)
Rods:​​​ L28 rods
Crankshaft:​​ L28 crankshaft
Cam: ​​​DSI Stage 2 street cam,
Valve train:​​ DSI Street high performance valve springs & retainers
Performance: 150-190 rear wheel HP*
Pump gas (93 octane) ready.

Base Price for Stage-2 starting at $6400
*Optional and recommended: New OEM rocker arms:​$772.80 ($64.40ea)
*Price may be subject to change without notice.

Stage-1 (No plaque). 

We are not doing the Stage-1 any longer.


** We can do the State 2 and 3 on L24 and L26 engines also.
** Some E31, E88, and very early N42 heads most likely have brass intake valve seats (unless previously replaced). They will need to be replaced with hardened steel seats. Seat replacement cost (machine work & parts) will be $350.

** E31, E88, P79, P90 and P90a heads require use of our Swirl polish valves (sold separately) to do the stage-2 or stage-3.
** P79, P90 and P90a will require thicker valve spring shims ($60 additional)
** P79, P90, and P90a will need .080″ cam tower spacers to do Stage-1 and Stage-2. (This cost is included in Stage-3).
** For Stage-4 and 5, Customer will be required to provide an excellent condition virgin N42 head as base.


FAQ, Engine Cores, and Horsepower

The engine price is for a bare engine (Fully assembled engine, with valve cover, oil pan, and oil pump). It does not include any peripheral parts (i.e. carburetors, exhaust, ignition system, harmonic damper, water pump, alternator, manifold stud kit, starter, flywheel, clutch, thermostat, etc) but are offered as optional items (We have most everything in stock).
We also highly recommend using new rocker arms (sold separately), and in the case of Stage-3 and above, fully adjustable cam sprocket is recommended for fine adjustment of valve timing.

The listed engine prices do not include core engine charge, installation, setup, tuning, or shipping. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions about our motors and additional modifications necessary for your new DSI motor. Additionally, please read about sending and obtaining Engine Cores, and our Note on Horsepower for why our stated horsepower figures are guidelines, not quotes.
Prices are subject to change without announcement.